Regional meeting of ambassador schools in Plovdiv

On 13.01.2023 Lyuben Karavelov Secondary School will host the regional meeting of EP ambassador schools. The event will be held in the school building at 2 Branislav Veleshki Street, Plovdiv. The opening will begin at 11:00 a.m., and the beginning of the meeting will be given by Teodor Stoychev - Head of the Bureau of
the EP in Bulgaria. After that, the teams of the ambassador schools participating in the project will introduce themselves and begin their work in teams, divided
according to pre-selected topics for debates.
During this time, the Senior Ambassadors will have a Pedagogical Practice Exchange session for working with students.
After a short break, the teams will present their work, followed by a conversation with Andrey Kovachev - member of the EP.


Магдалена Николова / Magdalena Nikolova
Author: Магдалена Николова / Magdalena Nikolova